What is LuLaRoe?


What makes LuLaRoe special?

Each item is made in very limited quantities. Only 2,500 pieces are made per print, so what you see today may be gone tomorrow!

Does LuLaRoe have a catalog?

No. It is impossible to have a catalog when the prints and fabrics are changing weekly. Besides, catalogs are old school anyways. 

Can you make a special order request?

No. As consultants we can only order the size and style. It is a surprise when we open the box and see what specific prints and patterns we receive!

Where is LuLaRoe sold?

LuLaRoe clothing is only sold through independent fashion consultants like us. We are able to sell our pieces through in-home pop up parties, online Facebook sales, or in our in-home boutique. You can find our shopping group on Facebook by searching LuLaRoe With Ariel & Britt.

Where is the clothing manufactured?

Initially, all of the clothing was made in the USA. However, due to a rapid increase in demand, international factories have also been incorporated.