Own Your Own Business

LuLaRoe is a REAL opportunity for women to own their own business. It’s the real deal and whether you work your business part time, full time, or as a hobby, you are going to make good money doing it. The harder you work it, the more you will get out of it.
Why should you become an independent Lularoe business owner?
  • During their first year of business (2013), Lularoe did $3 million dollars in sales.
  • In 2014, LuLaRoe did $9.8 million dollars in sales.
  • LuLaRoe is expected to hit one billion in sales by the end of our 5th year in business. Yes, one billion. Even companies like Google and Amazon didn’t do this!
  • Lularoe is exploding. Now is the time. Right now. Get in during all the growth.
  • A Lularoe business owner who works this business part time (4 parties a week selling an average of 25 pieces at each) will profit around $72,000 a year! What other PART time job can offer this?!
  • An average LuLaRoe business owner who does online sales averages at least $2,800/month by their 2nd month of business.
  • You can also make additional money by helping LuLaRoe grow by building your own team. This is in no way one of those pyramid schemes! The more team members you add, the more you will need to sell and work your LuLaRoe business!

How will we help you?

  • We will guide you as you set up your business.
  • We are part of a bigger team called The Rockstars. We are under an amazing, sought after coach, Jeaneanne Pennell. She goes above and beyond by giving two weekly webinars and her team page is flooded with ideas, tips, tricks, and support from other consultants on our team.
  • We will offer continued support, day or night.
  • We have access to amazing tips and tricks.
  • We all help each other and love to see each other succeed.
  • Ready for more information? Fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information about starting your own business: