LuLaRoe’s Disney Collection

We knew something big was coming when we were invited to come to the LuLaRoe leadership kick off party (DeAnne’s exact words were that we would have “major FOMO” if we didn’t make it!), but we had NO IDEA just how huge this announcement would be.
After watching an amazing, exclusive “World of Color” performance after the park closed (that’s right- LuLaRoe literally took over the park!) , the announcement was made:
LuLaRoe is officially introducing a Disney Collection!

We got a first glimpse at some of the designs , and all of the prints and patterns are over-the-top amazing! Each one is truly a mix of both Disney and LuLaRoe flair. 

There are bright geometric shapes, colors, florals, solids- all with Minnie and Mickey and other favorite Disney characters integrated. We saw Carlys, Cassies, Classic Tees, and Irmas all with the magical artwork.
While we don’t know for sure exactly when we will be able to get our hands on these amazing pieces, we do know it will be soon. 

Be sure to stay tuned for the arrival of these pieces so you can get your hands on this truly enchanting collection first! Join our  VIP shopping group!

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