LuLaRoe Fundraisers


LuLaRoe is built upon the mission statement to serve others, strengthen families, and bless lives. This amazing company gives us the opportunity to do just that through pop up boutique fundraisers. Your supporters can shop, buy, and take home their clothes that same day. There are no catalogs, no presentations and you don’t have to do anything except provide a location and advertise the event. You also have the option to hold a fundraiser in our mobile boutique or at our in home boutique.

Entering the holiday season, it is so important to bless lives around us. Whether you would like to raise money for your child’s sports team, your church, or a cause close to your heart, we would love to help.

Holding a fundraiser is easy and fun! Together, we choose a date that works for you. The fundraiser can occur on one date, or last as long as a two week time frame. Next, we email LuLaRoe specific details that they then approve within two business days.

We personally will donate a portion of each item sold that day to your cause ranging from $1.50- $3 depending on the price of the item. Once this total reaches at least $100, LuLaRoe will then match our donation!

Thank you to Cutters Soccer Club and Bloomington’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk for booking our first two successful fundraisers! Contact us today to setup your own fundraiser!

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