Girls Night Out LuLaRoe Style


Let’s be real. All girls need a fun girl’s night out. Whether that means putting on your best dress and doing dinner and drinks with friends or hanging with your best friends on the couch while you watch reruns of Friends in your cosiest pair of leggings. A girl’s night out is a necessary thing. Guys just don’t quite get it, but us girls need our girl time. We just do.

And seriously, what better way to spend a GNO than by shopping the most stylish and comfortable clothing around with your best girlfriends? The answer to our question is that there is no better way to spend a GNO, so we decided this past weekend that’s just what we were going to do.

We love having pop up parties in our in-home boutique, but this Saturday we had a couple of pop ups in hostess’s homes. We decided, just a few days before, that we would throw a Mystery Hostess pop up in the boutique Saturday night.

Girl’s Night Out themed parties are fun, inexpensive, and well, just fun. We started by figuring out what we were going to need to really make it a proper GNO experience. Cue the Mariah Carey music.

Every GNO needs some amazing background music to get everyone excited and Mariah does just that for us. But honestly, no matter what kind of party you’re having, music is key. We always encourage our hostesses to put on some of their favorite tunes to set a fun vibe for the evening. gno6

We also knew that four other things girls love are chocolate, makeup, some bubbly, and nail polish. This would really put the icing on our cupcakes (which we had as well). So, we picked up some nail polish to give out for free to those that came. We offered a spread of vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles, sparkling grape juice, chocolate brownies, and some seriously delicious sugar and cinnamon pita chips with an amazing fruit salsa (which we scored from a generous hostess that same day!).


Next we wanted to really fuse the shopping and GNO experience. We rolled out racks from our boutique room, and spread the LuLa goodies throughout the living room and kitchen. We wanted these ladies to really feel like they were coming over to a girlfriend’s house for a party. As LuLaRoe consultants, we love not only being able to provide women with stylish clothing, but we truly love to make these women feel welcomed and like they are part of our LuLa family.

Another great aspect of a GNO: free clothes. What girl doesn’t like free clothes? No one. There is no one that doesn’t like free clothes. Ladies will come from a far to have a chance at some free clothes. So because we didn’t have an official hostess for this party, we decided to have a “Mystery Hostess.” Anyone that walked through the door put her name in to host our GNO. At the end of the night, we would randomly pick someone (whether they made a purchase or not) to score one free item for every 10 items we sold that night.

Our party was a huge success. At times, we were overwhelmed by everyone in the boutique. A good overwhelmed. We loved seeing the smiles on faces as women tried on clothing that they felt beautiful in. We loved women getting excited to pick a nail polish color to go with their new LuLaRoe. We loved that these women were having fun. That was the whole point. Our GNO was a hit.

We had so much fun at this event that we’re planning on holding a GNO once a month at our boutique. Because every girl needs a night out with friends and some seriously comfortable, amazing clothes.

If you’re thinking about hosting a LuLaRoe party, it’s so much fun to include a theme  (honestly who doesn’t love a themed party). You know that not all of your friends may initially be into the idea of a party where they think they may be forced to buy something they don’t like. They may have never heard of LuLaRoe or been able to feel the buttery soft leggings in person, so they may need some coaxing to get there. Throw in the idea of a themed party. Go all out. Come up with a theme and decorate accordingly. Your friends will be more likely to have a good time and be open to the idea of LuLaRoe parties if they leave your pop up feeling like they truly just had a great time AND scored amazing clothes. If GNO isn’t your style, here are some other ideas for a fun themed LuLaRoe party:

  • Decade Party
  • Diva Night (because we can’t get enough Mariah)
  • Luau
  • Hollywood night
  • Beach Bum
  • Fiesta
  • Carnival
  • A Night in Paris
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party
  • Under the Sea (we are a bit partial to anything and everything mermaid themed)

Whatever party theme you pick, the most important part about hostessing a fun LuLaRoe pop up is that everyone has fun. And everyone feels a little more beautiful than they felt when they arrived.



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