It All Started With a Dream


We are best friends. The kind of best friends (no matter how cheesy it sounds) that are constantly finishing each other’s sentences and knows what the other is thinking without saying a word. Two best friends who have always dreamed of creating a business together. From food trucks to animal rescues, we’ve always known that we wanted to work together. We know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, our talents, and our dreams.

That’s where LuLaRoe comes in. We have always been looking for an opportunity to not only work together, but to help change each of our lives. We officially onboarded with the company on June 21st at 3:29 (yes we know the exact time!). Since that moment, our lives have literally changed in every aspect. From our day-to-day lives, to how we interact and provide for our families, to how we spend our free time- our lives are literally the lives of entrepreneurs.

We have decided to capture the moments along the ride of our LuLa journey. We want to show the world how this company has changed our lives and continue to impact other lives each day. Some days are crazy and busy and frantic and beautiful. These are the kinds of moments we want to share with you all. We’ll share tips and tricks for styling LuLaRoe, to how we setup our boutique, what a typical day looks like for us, and I’m sure some silly things along the way as well.

So join us on our journey. Just a couple of best friends and their Red Headed Mermaid Boutique.


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