The 2017 LuLaRoe Holiday Collection is Coming!

It’s not even Halloween yet, but we can already here jingle bells here in the boutique! The 2017 LuLaRoe Holiday Collection is coming to town!


Arriving next week (before Trick-or-Treating) the boutique will be full with leggings of all sizes, Gracies for the littles, Classic Tees, and Gigis! holdiay2

Whether you’re a fan of snowflakes, twinkly lights, gingerbread men, or the big guy himself, there’s something for everyone this holiday season!


The LuLaRoe Holiday Collection is perfect for holiday parties, Christmas parties, baking cookies, and enjoying hot chocolate by the Christmas tree. They are also the perfect gift this holiday season!holiday6

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Our shop is always open! Shop your favorite styles by browsing our photo albums!


Ariel and Britt

LuLaRoe’s Disney Collection

We knew something big was coming when we were invited to come to the LuLaRoe leadership kick off party (DeAnne’s exact words were that we would have “major FOMO” if we didn’t make it!), but we had NO IDEA just how huge this announcement would be.
After watching an amazing, exclusive “World of Color” performance after the park closed (that’s right- LuLaRoe literally took over the park!) , the announcement was made:
LuLaRoe is officially introducing a Disney Collection!

We got a first glimpse at some of the designs , and all of the prints and patterns are over-the-top amazing! Each one is truly a mix of both Disney and LuLaRoe flair. 

There are bright geometric shapes, colors, florals, solids- all with Minnie and Mickey and other favorite Disney characters integrated. We saw Carlys, Cassies, Classic Tees, and Irmas all with the magical artwork.
While we don’t know for sure exactly when we will be able to get our hands on these amazing pieces, we do know it will be soon. 

Be sure to stay tuned for the arrival of these pieces so you can get your hands on this truly enchanting collection first! Join our  VIP shopping group!

Teacher Appreciation


May 1st-5th is Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teachers give us so much. Though we know we can’t ever quite thank them enough, we can take a moment during Teacher Appreciation Week to show our appreciation for the special educators in our lives.

Celebrate the teachers in your life a job well done this school year with some LuLaRoe love!

LuLaRoe leggings are stylish, comfortable, and unique, making them the perfect addition to a teacher’s wardrobe. Coming in a variety of amazing prints and colors, there is something for everyone!

Head over to our VIP SHOPPING GROUP to see what special premade teacher gift we have put together!

XOXO Ariel and Britt

LuLaRoe Leggings For a Year!


Who wants to win FREE Leggings for 2017?!

We’re giving 1 lucky lady a FREE pair of mystery Leggings every month of 2017 once we hit 10k members in our VIP Shopping Group! And we’re getting so close and need your help!

To help us reach our goal To be entered please follow these simple steps:
1. Join our VIP Shopping Group
2. Comment “I love buttery soft Leggings!” on the original giveaway post.

As soon as we hit our 10k member goal with your help, we will choose a winner to receive a free pair of leggings for the rest of 2017! 


Want to be entered more than once?! Get an extra entry for every 5 friends you add to our VIP Shopping Group!

Let’s hit 10k by the end of January so 1 lucky lady will get a FREE pair of leggings every single month of 2017!

xoxo Ariel & Britt

LuLaRoe Kids

LuLaRoe is not just for adults! We carry a wide range of styles for the mini me in your life as well!

Kids love LuLaRoe. (Especially my kids!) Why? Because it’s not only fun prints and patterns, but it’s all comfortable! We wear LuLaRoe because of it’s comfort, and kids want to be dressed in head to toe buttery softness too.

We carry sizes 2T-14 in the Mae (a short sleeve dress with POCKETS!), the kids Azure skirt (can you say twirly?), the Sloan (think a mini Randy), the Gracie (the mini me to the Irma), and of course, leggings.

So for the holidays, treat those special littles in your life to some LuLa. We’ve styled 10 different outfits (all available in our VIP shopping group) perfect for kids of all ages.

Kids Gracie paired with an adorable pair of nautical themed leggings. 

Kids Mae (pockets!) with buttery soft leggings.

A sloan perfect for that little one with a sweet tooth in your life!

Crazy cute woodland creature leggings paired with an amazing multi color Sloan. 

What’s better than a twirly skirt covered in ice cream?

Everyone can appreciate some pizza leggings paired with an adorable pepperoni red Gracie top. 

This Gracie leggings look is perfect for a boy or girl who loves to jam.

Try pattern mixing with your little in this red microstriped Gracie top paired with fun patterned leggings.

And what’s cuter than matching your mini me in this Julia and Mae combo?

Kids will go crazy over these fun tucan leggings paired with a Randy on top.

And finally any little girl would love to twirl in this floral skirt paired with a Gracie and leggings.




One of the biggest shopping days is upon us…Cyber Monday!

And who doesn’t love shopping in your comfiest pair of LuLaRoe leggings on the couch? I mean, I think everyone does!

So to kick off the holiday shopping season tomorrow, we are offering some amazing, exclusive deals on everything in our LuLaRoe boutique! Our sale will begin Monday at 8pm est and will run through Tuesday at midnight.

To gain access to these awesome sales, please leave us your email address in the form below:


On top of these once a year sales, we are also going to be including FREE HOLIDAY LEGGINGS in a few lucky shoppers orders! That’s right, just for shopping with us, you have a chance at some of the most sought-after leggings this season.


Treat yourself or someone you love to some LuLaRoe this season!

Don’t forget to join our VIP SHOPPING GROUP to keep up with all of our amazing LuLaRoe inventory (over 3,000 pieces!)

Happy Holidays!

XOXO Ariel and Britt

LuLaRoe Elegant Collection


Where fashion meets…elegance.

The holiday season is upon us, and with the help of LuLaRoe we are all going to look simply elegant. Forget the ugly Christmas sweater, I’m going for some sparkle this year!


LuLaRoe has just released an exclusive Elegant Collection! Designed literally from the thread up, you won’t be able to find anything like this anywhere else. And in true LuLaRoe fashion, each print was limited to just 2500 pieces in a particular style and size. I promise you that no one else will have on that same amazingly elegant piece of LuLa at any holiday party this season!

From metallic jacquards, to sparkly metallic foil details, to stunning holiday plaids, you will truly be looking effortlessly elegant.


So where can you get your hands on these pieces?

You can find this exclusive LuLaRoe Elegant collection soon in our VIP group! We will have the elegant Amelia, Nicole, Julia, Randy, Carly, Jill, Lola, Lucy, Bianka, Lucy, Classic Tee, Irma, and Madison in the shop soon, so be sure to add yourself to our page and make your holiday sparkle this year!


LuLaRoe Holiday Leggings


Fa-la-la-la-la-La- LuLaRoe!

Tis the season for holiday leggings! With all the hype surrounding their Halloween capsule leggings release, we have all been wondering when the holiday leggings would be announced. Well, the time is finally here, and we are excited to say that we have a package of one size and tall and curvy leggings headed our way!

In true LuLaRoe fashion, there are no more than 5,000 leggings made in each print. So if you see a pair you love, scoop them up. You may never come across that print again.

The UPS is man is coming to town! Join our VIP shopping group to get your hands on them!

LuLaRoe Fundraisers


LuLaRoe is built upon the mission statement to serve others, strengthen families, and bless lives. This amazing company gives us the opportunity to do just that through pop up boutique fundraisers. Your supporters can shop, buy, and take home their clothes that same day. There are no catalogs, no presentations and you don’t have to do anything except provide a location and advertise the event. You also have the option to hold a fundraiser in our mobile boutique or at our in home boutique.

Entering the holiday season, it is so important to bless lives around us. Whether you would like to raise money for your child’s sports team, your church, or a cause close to your heart, we would love to help.

Holding a fundraiser is easy and fun! Together, we choose a date that works for you. The fundraiser can occur on one date, or last as long as a two week time frame. Next, we email LuLaRoe specific details that they then approve within two business days.

We personally will donate a portion of each item sold that day to your cause ranging from $1.50- $3 depending on the price of the item. Once this total reaches at least $100, LuLaRoe will then match our donation!

Thank you to Cutters Soccer Club and Bloomington’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk for booking our first two successful fundraisers! Contact us today to setup your own fundraiser!

The Party to Start All Parties

We’ve been official LuLaRoe consultants for just over 2 months now, and it seems like just yesterday we had our huge launch party. Little did we know at the time, but this was actually a party for the beginning of an amazing adventure that was going to start changing our lives that very day.

Everything had to be perfect. Would people even come? Do they even care about these buttery soft leggings? We had already poured our hearts into the preparation of our business since the beginning of April. This business was going to work. It had to.

But the morning of our launch party, as we carefully folded leggings, and made sure everything was perfectly in its place, it was hard not to have the thought: But what if no one shows up?

Oh but they did.

We were overwhelmed with familiar faces, and so many new faces. So many happy customers that couldn’t wait to touch the buttery soft leggings.

This party wasn’t just a great kick starter for our business financially, but also helped reassure us that this was going to work for us. Of course, we did worry about silly details that didn’t really matter (does it really matter if we have the exact right shade of gold for the balloons that we envisioned-no). What did make our party a success was the preparation we put into it for weeks beforehand.

So if you’re starting your own LuLaRoe business, or thinking about starting one, here are some of our tips for a succcessful launch party to get your business off on the right foot.

Ariel and Britt’s Top Tips for a Successful Launch Party

First and foremost, do not sweat the small stuff. Not everything is going to be perfect. Do not waste your time having the perfect spread of food and drinks (honestly, I’m not sure more than 2 people even noticed the food). It’s nice to have that there for people, but everyone is ultimately there for the clothes.

Create an event in your already established Facebook group as soon as you get your onboarding call. Encourage friends and family members to share the event to their Facebook wall, through text, email, and word of mouth.

Ask people to bring a friend, and send them a special coupon in a message or text that says they will receive 5% off if they do.

The day before the party, go through all of your list of “maybe” RSVPs. Message them a $3 off coupon to use at the party and remind them that you’ll be giving free things away every 30 minutes the next day.

Have raffles. We did a raffle every 30 minutes. We gave away free clothes and LuLa cash like it was nobody’s business. People loved it. They would stick around an extra 30 minutes just to see if we would pull their names. And in those 30 minutes, they had even more time to try on more clothes to fall in love with.

Be sure everyone who walks through the door is a member of your Facebook group. Require them to sign in with their info and indicate whether or not they are interested in hosting a pop up. As a fun way to encourage people to book pop ups that day, we put special coupons and giveaways in paper bags, taped shut with available dates on them. People could pick a date that worked, and once they confirmed the pop up with us, they got to open the bag to reveal what special treat they would have to use at their own pop up (free leggings, extra item, $25 LuLa cash).

Encourage everyone to try on as many styles as they can. We made up a sizing card with all of the styles listed that we carried. If they filled up their card, they received 5% off that day!

Be prepared with a backup payment method. We used Square, and it was a life saver for a few stubborn cards that Audrey was not having that day (girl has her moments).

Make it feel like a party. Play upbeat music. If you have time (remember, don’t sweat the small details) balloons, sparkling cider, or cupcakes are a nice touch.

Most importantly have fun. Smile. Get to know everyone that walks through the door. These people came to support you. Go out of your way to introduce yourself and thank people for coming. Be friendly and let the clothes sell themselves. Answer any and all questions people have for you. Make sure everyone leaves feeling like they made a personal connection with you, even if they didn’t find anything they loved.

Our launch party was a success because we put a lot of work into it. Hard work. It takes time and effort to have a successful business. Be sure you put in what you want to get out of it.

You’ll know it was a success, if at the end of the party, all you need to do is curl up in all the LuLa, and take a well deserved nap.